Friday, August 16, 2013

Tips: Attracting Good Tenants Requires Some Basic Hard Work

It is the dream of any landlord to have a tenant who has few complaints and looks after the property well and pays the rent on time. But in reality not all tenants fit this description. Still some hard work can increase the chances of finding a good client using the following tips.

Take a look at the rental market in your area and see what other owners of buy-to-let property are offering. If other properties are having little sign of wear and tear and not requiring any hard maintenance, try to enhance the standards of your property to command the same rent. Now think seriously about hiring a letting agent. Or arm yourself with all techniques to find suitable tenants for yourself.

Hire a Letting Agent: If the landlord has a busy life, or have little inclination to search for tenants a letting agent could be ideal. The letting agent will take photographs of the property and advertise it online including his own website and other third party property websites like Zoopla

Advertise the Property: In case you do not want a letting agent and want to do it yourself go aggressive with advertising using online channels.

Know your facts:
While managing the property viewings all by yourself, be prepared to face the questions from the prospective client for which you need to have convincing answers. So, you must all aspects about your property ranging from the neighbours; their nature: what days the bins are collected: how much the council tax is: where are the nearest shops: nearby schools and bus stops. Property viewings are opportunities for meeting tenants and encouraging people to select you as their landlord.

Credit Score Check:
Before finalizing the deal for long term flats check the credit score of tenants and speak to their previous landlords and employers. Doing so can give a good idea whether they are reliable and can pay their rent on time. So, take your time and make sure you carry out all the appropriate checks and find the perfect tenants you were hoping for.

Never rush a Deal:
Although lean periods can be trying never rush your search for tenants. The danger is that the haste may land you in the hands of someone who is a fraud and defaulter on rent and also refuse to vacate your property. Consulting letting agents in London will help to follow the right course. 


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